General information

Codario is generating a unique SSH key for every workspace to have a possibility to connect to his repositories and push commits with updates.

You can find your personal public SSH key on "Access Keys" page.

To provide Codario he necessary access, put this key to your "SSH Keys" at your Git Provider.

Pay attentions:

  • This key must have "access" permissions, otherwise Codario will not be able to send commits with updates to your repositories.
  • this key must be added to the whole account, not to a certain project. Any Git Provider allows to add a public key only one time to one project/account. Hence, if you add this key to one specific project, you will not be able to add it to another project. If you do not want to add Codario's SSH key to your Git account, just create a new user for Codario and allow access for that user for specific repositories only.

Connect using git-provider integrations

Codario can connect to the repositories using git-provider integrations. Just enable "Use the credentials from the integration to connect" checkbox on a project creation form.

SSH key isn't necessary using git-provider integration.

Can I use HTTPS instead of SSH?

Yes, you can use a path like In this case, Codario will store "username" and "password" encrypted. Nevertheless, we highly recommend to not using this approach because it can cause security problems. Use it only when SSH is disabled for your git provider.

How to add SSH Key in GitHub?

Open this page and click on the "New SSH key" button.

How to add SSH Key in BitBucket?

Open this page and click to "SSH Keys" inside the "Security" group. On the opened page click on the "Add key" button.

How to add SSH Key in GitLab?

Open this page, put your public SSH Key, and click on the "New key" button.

If you are using custom GitLab Provider on your server, just use the page https://YOUR_URL/profile/keys.