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General points

When the packages from my repository will be detected?

Codario will start work on detecting the packages in your project at once after creation. Usually, this takes several minutes depends on the size of the project.

How enable updates?

Easy: investigate "Config files" page and follow to "Project -> Edit -> Configuration" page so that apply your configurations for a project.

When tasks will be created?

At once when you will provide a "json config" for a project (of course if there any updates are available).

Please pay attention that Codario always respects restrictions from your manifest file.

For example: if you are using restriction ~1.2.3 for a composer package, the current version of this package is 1.2.34 and available version 1.3.0 — Codario will not suggest this update because your restriction disallows to use versions >=1.3.0.

Manifest file - it's composer.json for composer, package.json for npm, etc.

How ofter Codario will check my project for updates?

Codario will check available updates for a project every 50 minutes automatically.

Life Cycle for tasks


Try to use our CLI tool.


Codario uses special Docker containers to process any actions for projects. Every container has the following limits:

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 CPU